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It Was So Funny, But I Couldn’t Laugh.

My sweet babygirl Kendall is my sensitive one. She stands 5’7” tall and by nature of her height and stature, it’s easy to forget she is only 9 years old. But on a daily she gives me a constant reminder that no matter how fast I think she is growing up, she is still that sweet, innocent and sensitive little angel that I would cuddle until she fell asleep every night.

With that said, add this one to the mommy chronicles. Kendall came home from school crying. Immediately I thought someone harmed her or hurt her feelings. So I rushed to her side with a sense of urgency, ready to pounce like a lioness. “Kendall baby what happened? Tell Mommy.” She mumbled through the tears “It’s not fair!” Still urging her, I asked “what’s not fair, what happened?”

Finally Kendall exploded “It’s not fair that you and Daddy are Scorpios and I am a Capricorn. All the cool people are Scorpios and I wanna be a Scorpio.” The explosion of laughs I wanted to belt out would have been cruel for her in that moment. So I swallowed them and grabbed my camera. All I could think was, one day I am going to play this video at her wedding.

Then of course, I proceeded to list all the cool Capricorns in the world. LL Cool J and Lebron James didn’t impress her. But Michelle Obama did the job! My baby wiped her tears and started to smile. Then she says “ so actually Mommy, Capricorn’s are cooler than Scorpios.” I gave her the side eye and we both giggled.