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Egypt Joins The Tom Joyner Morning Show

There’s only one woman who can flip virgins successfully, that is flipping houses of course. Egypt Sherrod is back with season three of her HGTV show Flipping Virgins and she has some advice for those who want to try their hand at flipping some houses.

“I wanted to do a show like Flipping Virgins where we actually teach you the right way,” said Sherrod.

This season gets real according to Sherrod because she wastes no time telling the truth about flipping homes.

“You’re going to see my husband, you’re going to see some tears and you’re going to see some people say this is not for me,” explained Sherrod. “You’ll see others say you know I’m built for this.”

But if there’s one major tip that Sherrod could give about house flipping it’d be, “Get a mentor first. Find someone who’s doing it successfully.”